By 2050, The World Must Feed 9 Billion People.

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WoF aims to provide foddertech solutions for rising food security challenges and a rapidly changing climate by offering highly nutritious, hydroponically grown local animal feed solutions.
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We're transforming the animal feed industry by providing hydroponic vertical farming solutions.

Why start in MENA:

The future of farming in the MENA region is automated and sustainable. We’re dedicated to playing our role around improved food security, water conservation, and the future of sustainable agriculture. We aim to reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption, and production waste to combat a rapidly changing climate using less water and landmass.


We develop world-leading controlled-environment fodder technologies to enable farmers to grow the most sustainable, cost efficient, and nutritious fodder to feed their livestock. We aim to empower farms in the region to overcome their dependence on imported livestock feed : produce more using less.

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