WOF Smart Foddertech Solutions

Our technology

We believe in protecting the planet that feeds us. Our Foddertech supports resolving food security challenges and combatting against negative environmental impacts by providing sustainable and energy efficient technology solutions.


We use LED Lighting, controllers, and racks stacked vertically – this method cuts water usage by up to 85%, uses over 90% less land, all while harvesting 80% more.

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We're dedicated to playing our role around improved food security, water conservation, and the future of sustainable agriculture.

Our FodderTech components


We take a fresh approach to the science of growing fodder. Using a smart and automated hydroponic solution to help farmers grow fresh, nutritious & locally produced animal feed grown from seed to feed in 1 week, all year long without using fertilizers and pesticides.

LED Lighting

In vertical farming, LED lights replace direct “free” sunlight, and energy is used for controlling temperature and humidity for optimal plant growth & nutrition.


Our solution is highly nutritious and grown sustainably using data-driven attributes that monitor and adjust the nutrients provided to crops ensuring optimal growth.

Crop Tracking

Track the growth of your crops on a dashboard via your computer, tablet or smartphone. We track crops using AI imagery to determine health, rate of growth and to pre determine any diseases or mold. Adjust everything from temperature to humidity to ensure optimal growth performance.

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